Current law students, recent graduates, lawyers, legal professionals, and law firms that are interested in learning, developing and improving skills necessary to succeed in the field of law.
At our seminars, you will learn the importance of both individual and firm brand identity, how to develop, maintain and cultivate an already existing client base, the overall business of law and what mistakes to avoid when launching your business and brand. You will also gain the knowledge and confidence to open and run your own law practice, understand how to utilize social media, gain search engine optimization and acquire the proper skills to hire and manage the right associates. Furthermore, you will be taught the three E’s: client etiquette, office etiquette, and courtroom etiquette. After attending one of our seminars, you will be connected with the proper resources to make your business thrive.
The cost of the seminar will vary based upon the content and length of the individual seminar. This price includes your admission to the seminar, complimentary breakfast and lunch foods and a unique opportunity to network with your peers.
Credit or debit card payments are accepted as well as PayPal. Checks can also be made out to Levitt Law Seminars and sent to 600 E Broadway, Suite 101A, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858.
You must register at least 7 days in advance for each seminar.
Yes, but you must notify Levitt Law Seminars at least 14 days prior to the scheduled event to receive your refund.
Yes, a waiting list will be created on a first come first serve basis and those on the list will be notified if a position opens.
Speakers will vary depending on subject matter, content and location of the individual seminar. Levitt Law Seminars is fortunate enough to be in contact with a wide variety of knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals. A list of speakers will be provided prior to a seminar.
Yes, coffee, breakfast foods and lunch hors d’oeuvres will be served at the seminar. An hour lunch break will be given in the middle of the seminar to allow you time to snack, mingle and/or go out for lunch in the nearby area.
Computers and tablets are acceptable for note-taking purposes only. Using these devices for recording purposes will not be tolerated and you will consequently be asked to leave the seminar. Other recording devices are therefore not allowed and will administer the same consequences.
No, seminars will not be available on DVD or webcast at this time.
Please contact Levitt Law Seminars by phone at 989-772-6000 or by email at
If you wish to speak at a seminar, please send your inquiry to with your personal contact information and a brief explanation of your law expertise, including which concentration of law you would like to speak about and your credentials.
The length of each seminar will depend on the subject matter and attendee participation. However, you can expect a seminar to run anywhere between four to six hours.
You should bring a note-taking device, whether it is pen and paper or an electronic device. You should also bring business cards for yourself and/or your firm to better your networking experience.
If you wish to apply for a student representative position, please send an email to Levitt Law Seminars including your name, the law school you are attending, year in law school, contact information and any other information you wish to tell us. We will then review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. Our email is todd@levittlawseminars or you can use our form on the Law Student Opportunity page.